Some Note ” Sempu Island “

i feel bored today. i can not do anything. hua, but i hope this will not be so long. next saturday, i will be  a tour guide where destination is sempu island. It will be a third time i come to that place. To be know, sempu island located at south malang, about two hour by motorcycle which speed 60-80 per hour. Sempu island is one of conservation area. The beautiful place in that place is called “Sendang Biru”. It look like huge pool. The different with ordinary pool is have salty water. You must trecking to this place by foot about two hour.But before this you must rent a boat about 1000000 rupiah. The boat can accomodate about 6-10 persons.

Along the way to this place really slippery. So you must pay attention your step if you dont want got accident.

I have some suggestion to bring a bottle of water and meal. You can see many kind of trees. I believe you will really excited when you have came to this place. After you came to this place there are some activity you can do such as swimming, take a picture, camping, fishing and other.


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